By WINE INDUSTRY NETWORK Editor | August 26, 2022 The August 24 Wine Industry Sales Symposium consisted of four sessions covering the value of DTC and sales data in boosting sales, … Read more

Data Uncorked July Edition July 27, 2022 | 2-min read A Note from Bob Terzotis: Data-Driven Wine Pricing Strategy Stop throwing darts at a dart board. You should know what’s … Read more

MEET THE SPONSOR: BOB TERZOTIS, EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT, MATHER ECONOMICS. Bob Terzotis, Executive Vice President of Business Development at Mather Economics When thinking about the trends facing media publishing and … Read more

By Matthew Lulay, Managing Director and Jon Gubler, Manager September 2021  |  3 min read DOWNLOAD BRIEF Earlier this year, we debuted our Depletion Optimization Tool, which has since been … Read more

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