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The Mather Report – David Clinch

The Mather Report with David Clinch features a weekly blog post about all things relating to media revenue.

“Headwinds” is the word of the week in #MediaRevenue world.
There have been a number of stories this week about media companies of many kinds facing “headwinds” as digital advertising stalls and subscriptions either slow or become harder to acquire.
At Mather we think of this as a set of problems in which “data science as a service” can become even more important and calibrating your revenue strategy to optimize for revenue on both sides of the subscription and advertising equation is vital.
Reconfiguration of services and content in the streaming world is also continuing as streamers offer new content slates and adjust to new hybrid subscription and advertising models.
Always let me know on Twitter if you spot any #MediaRevenue stories I may have missed. If you have any questions or comments about these updates, please get in touch.

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