Mather releases digital audience benchmark reports for Q4 2021

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February 26, 2022

Mather provides strategic insights to the newspaper industry through its quarterly benchmark reporting

Partners share access to first-party data, and Mather’s experienced staff of economists and analysts highlight digital readership trends, monetization strategies, and snapshots of current KPIs from Mather’s Listener™ Data Platform.

Please enjoy this sample of our work with publishers to better understand subscription growth patterns during the pandemic through 2021.

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Overview of Mather’s Premier Audience Benchmark Report 

Mather Economics’ Benchmark Reporting highlights digital readership trends, monetization strategies, and snapshots of current KPIs from Mather’s Listener™ Data Platform. This report enables publishers to compare their recent performance against the industry’s overall trends.

What is Listener™? 

Listener is a first-party data collection tool designed to ease data gathering, integrate with fulfillment systems, and scale implementation.

Who can receive the report? 

Only Mather partners who participate in the Listener data sharing agreement can receive the benchmark reports. To become a Mather partner, please connect with us.


A news media retrospective is included in the full report illustrating engagement and subscription growth between 2020 and 2021.
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More on Mather’s Premium Content Engine…

Ready to implement a Premium Content Strategy? Reach out to us, and Mather will share our results to date. Then, let Mather’s Premium Content Engine help identify which content is suited for premium.

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The future of media monetization is going to be through content. Traditional paywalls are designed to keep people out. This content model will attract, engage, and retain a larger audience, driving revenue, says Head of Data Science at Mather Economics, Luke Magerko.


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