How Data Analytics Will Drive Revenue Streams in the Magazine Publishing Industry

Luke Magerko, Mather’s Head of Data Science and Magazine expert, had the pleasure of sitting with James Hewes, President of FIPP, to discuss analytics as part of the magazine media at the FIPP World Congress.

“There are two main takeaways: first, Mather Analytics assists industries in increasing their B2C and B2B revenue. The second takeaway is that AI is here, but we need to slow down, understand the technology, and build future products using this technology.”

In this blog post, we will define our data analytics approaches to revenue generation, from optimizing legacy products to enhancing digital transformation and identifying revenue opportunities.

Legacy Products: Optimizing Revenue and Reducing Expense

We focus on customer lifetime value. We segment customers for more successful acquisition campaigns and targeted advertising campaigns. Our price elasticity and churn models significantly improve response rate and lifetime value.

Digital Transformation: Embracing New Opportunities

Mather uses the same print techniques to enhance revenue on the digital side; however, programmatic advertising, affiliate marketing, and eCommerce benefit the most from analytics.Media needs to meet the consumer at the right time and place. We produce risk analytics and time-series forecasting models to enhance engagement and conversion rates.

Brand Extensions, New Products, and Membership: Harnessing Audience Insights

Mather assists in identifying prospects publishers’ desire to launch new products like memberships. Contextual targeting is vital in identifying new audience segments by providing insights into subscriber interests. This technique aids publishers in strategically allocating resources, prioritizing investments, and driving growth by capitalizing on those unique characteristics.

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