David Clinch

Vice President, Partnerships

David Clinch has over 30 years of experience in executive and entrepreneurial leadership in the media industry, beginning his career as an international journalist at CNN, then helping to lead the groundbreaking startup Storyful, that operates at the intersection of media and technology, and creating a network of professional relationships at the highest levels of both industries.

In this global partnership role, Clinch is building on Mather’s industry-leading expertise in subscription data to help partner companies develop sustainable business strategies that harness the power of compelling content, multiple revenue streams, rich data and the scale of technology.



What is your favorite quote?

"There is no algorithm for journalism" - I have used this phrase many times over the last few years as we have seen the impact that the internet and technology companies have had on the news industry and journalism. There is no doubt that technology can be tremendously useful to news organizations and to journalists, but there is nothing that can completely take the place of the skills and experience of a journalist when it comes to helping an audience understand the world and making important things interesting.

What are you most passionate about professionally?

I have spent my entire career working to create sustainable models for journalism and I am determined to continue that work as the challenges for journalists and for the media industry become even more significant over the next decade. Great journalism has to be supported by great business models and it is more important than ever for everyone in the media industry to understand what it takes to create compelling content that audiences will pay for. I love being at the intersection of the worlds of journalism and business as we address these challenges.

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