Data expert Luke Magerko discusses the future of media monetization

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February 17, 2022

Earlier this month, Luke Magerko, Head of Data Science at Mather Economics, participated in the Google News Initiative Digital Growth expert panel alongside Gordan Edall, Chief Revenue Officer, Co-founder, and Karla Ovalle, Newsroom Analytics Director of The Boston Globe. The session was moderated by Jodie Hopperton of the International News Media Association (INMA).

Luke shares how content is a powerful driver in the next generation of paywalls. He goes on to illustrate how our team of economists and consultants work extensively with 300+ brands to help them use their first-party data to attract and retain their audience and drive revenue.

The future of media monetization is going to be through content. Traditional paywalls are designed to keep people out. This content model will attract, engage, and retain a larger audience, driving revenue, says Luke Magerko, Head of Data Science at Mather Economics.


Restrictive paywalls such as subscriber-only content impede a consumer's relationship with media.

46% of surveyed newspaper publishers offer some form of subscriber-only content, but only 23% provide content-based paywalls. Further, Mather identified EU newspaper publishers as more likely to offer premium news content than U.S. publishers (40% to 15% in the U.S).

Almost half of publishers have some premium content


Analysts at Mather identified this gap in premium content as an opportunity to grow engagement and subscription revenue. So, we built a fully automated Premium Content Engine.

This engine is responsible for collecting pre-press content through an API, modeling and scoring the metadata, and sending a recommendation back to the publisher through a communication channel like Slack.

All this work is completed in a manner of minutes, enabling the newsroom to make rapid (and highly profitable) decisions.

Ready to implement a Premium Content Strategy? Reach out to us, and Mather will share our results to date. Then, let Mather's Premium Content Engine help identify which content is suited for premium.

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