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How Mather Economics helps wineries prosper with big data.

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A massive opportunity exists for wineries to unlock the potential of their first party data, but getting there requires some expertise in data wrangling and predictive analytics. The dedicated team at Mather can show you how to take DTC to the next level.

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  1. What can I expect from using your wine analytics that I won’t get from other vendors?
    At Mather, we focus on helping companies leverage their own first-party data to develop keen insights and recommendations. We believe that consulting firms should be more than just data or dashboard providers and should act as an extension of your team, consistently working to make world class analytics accessible and actionable to drive positive and measurable business outcomes. Because of our deep level of integration, our clients tend to view us as partners instead vendors.
  2. Tell me what does wine club member ‘lifecycle management’ mean exactly?
    The goal of a successful program is to help our wine clients implement a strong wine club member lifecycle management strategy from the onboarding process, to churn prevention tactics, to helping you acquire your best possible members. We want to help you optimize the revenue yield from your new releases and package your club offerings to drive revenue and club retention. Ultimately, we want you to be able to continue to use all of your internal data to grow your business now and into the future.
  3. Do you use my first party data and how much work does our team have to do to get it to you?
    Our modeling is comprised of many different data elements, but it all begins with your internal operations and customer data. In a typical engagement, Mather will work directly with your data platform provider (Wine Direct or Order Port) and pull all necessary data directly from them to keep your work in this area to a minimum. Our goal is to be an extension of your winery’s team—the data analytics arm— so that you can concentrate on the more important issue of making great wine!
  4. ‘Turnkey process’ means that you will deliver churn and reacquisition campaigns to us to execute. Do we have the ability to build our own campaigns?
    As we mentioned earlier, our wine services are custom to every winery but we have established a core set of campaigns that most wineries will need to positively impact churn reduction and secure new wine club members. Those campaigns can be automated and sent to you on a calendar timeline. Clients also have the ability to use the scored data to build their own campaigns by simply downloading the active or former members data and executing their own internal efforts. Additionally, you can ask us to help you build additional campaigns as a part of our service—at no additional charge.

    Helping wineries maximize their direct-to-consumer revenue with predictive analytics, actionable insights and
    targeted communication strategies.

  5. How will I know if your work is effective and worth the cost of the program?As economists, we like to measure everything, so our campaigns typically have an A/B testing component to allow us to identify the lift from each effort in terms of club members saved, revenue saved, new club members acquired, revenue earned, eCommerce purchases and revenue, and much more. As a part of the reporting process, Mather will provide you with a Tableau dashboard outlining many key success metrics including one designated to help you understand the return on investment for the program.
  6. Do I have to sign a long-term agreement with Mather Economics?
    Mather Economics does not require a long-term agreement with our clients—at any point you have the ability to opt out with a 30-day notice. This type of agreement helps Mather make sure we are consistently focused on your success!
  7. Is this program the same for everyone? What if I have questions about my data and need help?
    Each winery is different and their goals for the program can be very different. Our objective as your data analytics consultant is to help you solve the ‘last mile problems’ so you are successful. We understand that those challenges change over time and so will our support. By having your data, and supporting modeling in churn, acquisition, and pricing, we are prepared to quickly answer questions or help with your next challenge!
  8. Pricing my wines is a challenge. How can Mather help me in this area?
    We consistently hear from wineries that pricing decisions are driven by the ‘gut feel.’ We aim to support those ‘gut feel’ decisions with models that provide insight into the price sensitivity of your individual SKUs by measuring the responsiveness of the demand for those bottles as a function of price. We will combine these price sensitivity insights with your historical inventory depletion to provide recommendations on price.
  9. I need help with building my marketing pieces. Can you help me with that?
    Mather Economics has developed more than 60 campaign templates to help our clients with ideas for direct mail, email, and newsletter campaigns in many focus areas. This marketing library is available to all of our wine clients to use or adapt to as needed. Each piece can be easily edited with the ability to change colors, fonts, insert logos, pictures, videos, etc. If you need help with the editing, we can help you with that too!

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Matthew Lulay, Managing Director
414 305 5785

Matthew manages the wine analytics practice at Mather Economics. His research has focused on the application of econometrics in wine to drive revenue through reduced wine club churn, improved customer acquisition, and more efficient pricing. Matthew holds a master’s degree in applied economics from Florida Atlantic University.


Matt Lindsay, President
678 585 4101

Matt Lindsay has over 25 years of experience in helping businesses increase operating margins and grow revenue through economic modeling and analytics. Over the past 19 years, he has developed pricing strategies and predictive analytics models for clients in media, telecom, wine, sports and other industries.


Bob Terzotis, Executive Vice President
719 237 2684

A determined business executive, with more than 30 years of experience, helping media clients solve ‘last mile problems’. Bob’s diverse skillset expands into the media, wine, HVAC, TeleCom, lottery, and automotive industries, where Mather Economics’ data analytics expertise is providing winning insights.



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