Announcement: Mather Economics Symposium

Big Drum-Roll Please… for the 7th Mather Economics Symposium Speakers!

May 6, 7, 10 2021


The race for reader revenue is on! Register for the 2021 Mather Economics Symposium focusing on Reader Revenue and Subscriber Lifecycle Management. During our symposium, attendees will be able to learn the latest trends and strategic tactics to help adapt to the new digital transformation era and drive success, by best-in-class speakers from across the globe. Mather will also be sharing case studies and key insights from the media industry, as well as, other prominent industries, to provide a more diverse conference portfolio.


Keynote Addresses:

Conference Speakers:




Mather Economics will also be featuring INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHTS.

Hear from leaders in the magazine, sports, and wine industries about their subscription/DTC revenue management strategies.

Industry Spotlights include:

Mather is excited to include these industry spotlights during our 7th Mather Symposium.

Stay tuned for more updates.


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