Circulation Revenue Benchmarking

Knowledge is power when you can compare your market performance to those in your industry

Mather Economics has launched a circulation revenue benchmarking report that will be offered to our Publisher clientele. This is the first and only report available that focuses entirely on subscription revenue. The report comes with an easy-to-use interface that provides access to over 2,000 customizable reports, which are broken down into graphs that give a visual representation of where you stand within the industry.

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You’ll be able to quickly compare how your market performs against others for any given month based on market size, region and pricings, as well as view important data outlining your specific price points and subscriber longevity.

Benefits of benchmarking

With these customized reports, which are updated and sent to you every month, you won’t have to sift through a large report to discover the current trends in your industry. Instead, you’ll have a first look at the exact data and graphs you need to track and monitor improvement and change within specific areas of your market.

All data within our benchmarking report is reliable and comparable – we make sure themetrics are defined and calculated consistently across all clients.

We are currently in the process of adding digital metrics to our reports. This valuable report will monitor the shift to digital content and give our existing benchmarking customers an unprecedented look in to digital subscriber volumes and preferred pricing trends across the industry.

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