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When you partner with Mather Economics, you gain a team of passionate experts to prepare predictive models and assist in implementing successful pricing strategies, acquisition and retention campaigns, financial forecasting, advertising price optimization, and monetization of your digital platforms.

Market-Based Pricing

Market-Based Pricing is a targeted renewal pricing program for publishers that utilizes subscriber yield management to maximum profits while minimizing potential customer loss. The strategy is to focus on buying behavior patterns of consumers, external environmental factors, demographics, and market price to successfully gain the most profit. The primary benefit of this program is the comprehensive analytical approach to increase operating margins. Yield management is commonly used by other industries such as airlines, hotels, rental car, and automotive companies.

Customer Lifetime Value

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is a prediction of the net profit expected from the future relationship with a customer. Understanding that not all customers are equally important is a vital concept in that it encourages companies to prioritize customers based on the long-term profitability of their relationships.

We work with clients to apply this scoring model to predict the most profitable group of customers, understand their common characteristics, and focus more resources on acquiring, retaining, and engaging with them rather than less profitable customers. By drilling down on each individual separately, our CLV programs allow for the most targeted and accurate campaigns, resulting insights, and further application.


Currently, publishers face a huge challenge to maintain customer volumes. Mather Economics develops econometric models to apply churn probabilities to individual customers by identifying characteristics and attributes associated with a specific stoppage event or behavior deviations. This model will measure the influence of individual factors on subscriber retention, including renewal prices, service type, demographic information (e.g., income, education, geography), and subscriber payment status, expire schedule, among others.

Strategic and tactical recommendations will be made to optimize retention strategies, minimize churn, and preserve the most valuable customers.

Revenue Forecasting

The ability to accurately forecast revenues is paramount to any business. Mather Economics revenue forecasting services enables our clients to develop weekly budgeting forecasts based on previous results, future predictions, and our renewal pricing initiative to gain a comprehensive view of their circulation initiatives. This forecast will integrate all revenue effects such as core customer revenue, new start revenue, and incremental revenue from Mather’s Market-Based Pricing program. Adjustments for predicted attrition and average rates are included. As actual results are captured, the models will adjust to highlight overperforming/underperforming areas, allowing for strategy changes throughout the year.

Three different versions of the Forecasting Tool are available: a one-year forecast, a three-year forecast, and a light version – a less granular form of the one-year budget forecast.

Acquisition / Reacquisition

To assist publishers’ acquisition and reacquisition efforts, we offer an analysis to optimize direct marketing campaigns based on the highest probability of subscribing. After conducting the analysis, coefficients are applied to each subscriber to identify their unique acquisition/reacquisition probability and, if break-even data is provided, their potential profit.

Subscribers are then grouped into segments based on either predicted acquisition/reacquisition probability or anticipated profit. This allows you to send offers to only the top-ranked segments, while saving resources by omitting those with a low probability of subscribing.


Many of our clients need assistance in analyzing their audience and content to develop a digital strategy and grow revenues. Mather Economics has developed digital tracking technology and analytics services to support these goals. The Listener™ data platform collects high-quality and detailed data of users and content online. Like other tracking programs, Listener tracks all user activity on the website but prepares data at a much more granular level that enables advanced analytics of individual price elasticity and user behavior. The data platform also establishes a central and consistent tracking mechanism that can be used across a variety of reports and analytics, eliminating the need to reconcile many different tracking systems and logins.

Case Studies

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Marketing Segmentation


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