Mather acquires Sophi Inc.


AI-powered products and services. Built responsibly for publisher and media transformation.
From a single strategic partner.

We’re excited to share the news that Mather acquired Sophi Inc.

Mather & Sophi together accelerate the scale and speed at which we collectively create customer value with transformative products and services. Mather and Sophi already share a common purpose of efficiently growing reader engagement, revenue and profit for publishers and news media. With this acquisition, the breadth of Mather’s capabilities (advisory, managed services, and technology) combines with the depth of Sophi’s products (paywall and content automation software) to provide a full suite of products that deliver on our customers’ most urgent business transformation needs.

Together, we bring our partners and customers new, transformative value, including:

Expanded Products
Expanded product offering that brings the breadth of subscriber and content lifecycle optimization technology from a single, strategic partner.
Deeper Expertise
Deeper expertise to help customers leverage our technology for business decisions, rather than figuring it out on their own.
Increased Scale
Scaled and more efficient delivery across our collective product portfolios, with our combined people and systems resources.
Speed to Market
Accelerated time-to-market for new features and solutions on our product road map.

Learn more about our products and services: Reach out to Bob Terzotis (North America) or Liesbeth Nizet (EU/UK Office) for Mather products, or Ariel Burkett for Sophi products. 

Sophi Logo

Sophi is an AI-powered automation, optimization and prediction platform that enables publishers and media companies worldwide to drive business transformation and subscriber optimization through its suite of automation and paywall analytics solutions. 

3 products offered by Sophi

We are committed to maintaining the strengths of Sophi’s products and customer experience as we bring our companies together.  Sophi customers can learn more at or email

To explore new Sophi products, contact Ariel Burkett. To stay up-to-date on Mather and Sophi’s integration and other news, sign up here

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