Arvid Tchivzhel

Senior Director, Product Development

Arvid Tchivzhel has over ten years of experience leading strategy and guiding companies to make analytics actionable. He currently oversees development and delivery of new products and services, as well as internal processes, analytics, staffing, and business development.

In response to the revenue shift in the media industry, he led the development of Listener™, a modern data platform built from the ground-up to solve the most critical questions for media companies across audience, advertising, and content. The platform enables services that blend Big Data technology and predictive modeling, hands-on strategic business consulting, and the experience to create a vision and act. He strongly believes the path to success with clients is based on trust, partnership, and a focus on long-term goals.

Arvid’s past engagements working with lotteries, hotels, services firms, non-profits and “big box” retailers include analysis and projects such as optimal payout studies, demand estimates, high-level sales forecasting and retailer-level stocking models, retailer segmentation, retailer density analysis, measuring price elasticity, measuring marketing impact, and customer segmentation.

Arvid holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish, both from Furman University.

What are you most passionate about professionally?

I am most passionate about helping employees develop and learn. Seeing a new hire become proficient and confident as they grow is one of the best parts of my job. The same is true personally too. There are always new challenges and problems to solve, which means I need to continue to enhance my skill set, grow my knowledge-base, or adapt my experience. Being able to creatively apply what I know to find a solution and learn along the way keeps me motivated.

What is your favorite thing about your career?

The favorite thing throughout my career has been the “creative white-board” working sessions with my team. Drawing an idea on the board, improving the idea, making it feasible through iteration in the room, and then seeing the idea come to life weeks later, gives me an incredibly rewarding feeling. When clients and others also respond positively to these ideas, the whole team feels rewarded and even more motivated to bring their best ideas to the table.

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