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Our President, Matt Lindsay joined Expressly Speaking on their fifth episode of their podcast, alongside Aaron Kotarek, CoHost and Senior Vice-president of Audience and Operations at Oahu Publications; and Jim Smith, CoHost and National Sales Director at Steel City Corporation. 

“I do a lot of speaking engagements, at least before the pandemic, and I used to ask how many people here are utilizing Mather Economics services, now I ask how many are not because there are certainly not a lot of companies that don’t utilize your services” Aaron Kotarek on Mather Economics

During the podcast they discussed the effects of COVID-19 on print and digital subscriptions, advertising and media mix modeling, revenue optimization, and audience development strategies that could be effectively employed in US Markets.

They discussed the future of print.  Matt mentioned our recent case studies on print delivery day reduction and how we have been helping publishers to evaluate alternatives to their current business models, including the reduction of print service days.

Matt Lindsay says, “I encourage Publishers to maintain a print presence, and have flexibility in print models.  From an economic standpoint, people pay a premium to have a print product”.

The podcast concluded with a massive shoutout to Listener™, our intelligent data platform, and how it helps our clients monetize their audience.


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