First Party Ticket Sales
Major League Sports Team

A major league sports team desired to increase season and single ticket sales through a first party data partnership with the local media company.  Mather Economics acted as the impartial, data analytics provider and implementer for the project.


Mather Economics merged audience data from the Columbus Blue Jackets and Columbus Dispatch databases to build profiles based on demographics, digital engagement, product and ticket choice.  Mather identified “lookalikes” in the Columbus Dispatch database and online user profiles to grow potential overlapped audience and take action on current and prospective audience across multiple channels.


Statistical analysis identified 42K “top prospect” subscribers within the Columbus Dispatch database who could be sent direct mail, email, and other personalized offers for single-ticket and season packages. Additionally, nearly 100K online users were identified as “top prospects”, who could be reached via digital advertising.

Mather Economics prepare lists of addresses for direct mail as well as created custom audience segments using the Listener™ data platform. These audiences were integrated into Google Ad Manager (DFP) along with additional first party demographic data for precise advertising targeting.

The Columbus Blue Jackets were thrilled with the advanced capability of a legacy newspaper and observed up to 20% higher click-through rates for the first party audiences in comparison to non-targeted ad campaigns.

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