Market Segmentation
American Sports Association

An American sports association wanted to know more about their membership base in order to identify opportunities for growth and efficiency.


Mather Economics performed in-person interviews and meetings with corporate stakeholders to fully understand the pain points confronting the client.  From these meetings, Mather developed a list of deliverables upon which the client could integrate the solutions suggested by Mather.  Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), Survival Analysis, Revenue Forecasting, and Customer Segmentation were decided as the necessary components to a full understanding of the membership base.  Once the deliverables were set, Mather worked closely with the client and their data team to develop unique customer segments, lifetime value scoring, and recommended actions for each segment.

market segmentation case study


The Client was able to move from a one-size-fits all marketing and engagement approach to a personalized strategy.  The deliverables were presented visually in the form of dynamic dashboards allowing the client to create custom slices of the findings and gain additional insights. Mather also produced custom lists for implementation into client marketing systems, which resulted in the easy application of Mather analytics to client marketing campaigns. The confluence of CLV and segmentation proved a powerful and enlightened tool leading to more focused retention efforts as well as cost saving initiatives.

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