Mather and Poool have developed a technological partnership to help publishers more intelligently convert audiences into members and subscribers. In an industry where there’s no sign of peak subscription, … Read more

EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT October 27, 2023 Introducing our Employee Spotlight of the Month: Luca Pini, better known as our Analytics and Revenue Strategist. Luca’s strategic contributions have played a crucial role … Read more

There is a benefit to keeping strategies and tactics simple, often reflected in the saying “KISS – Keep it simple, Stupid”.  In some circumstances the investment in complexity is justified … Read more

Subscription revenue is the primary revenue stream for most news publishers and maintaining subscription revenue and operating margins through the transition from print to digital products is a key objective … Read more

Updated: January 19, 2022 Mather Economics will release its fourth quarter 2021 Benchmarking Reports by the end of the month. These Benchmarking Reports contain over a year’s worth of subscriber … Read more

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