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February 18, 2021
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Meet Mather Economics, a global leader in subscription management and customer data analytics. Providing turnkey analytics services that solve complex problems for their clients and ensure their continued success.

For our latest instalment in our Best-Of-Breed Technology series, we spoke with Matt Lindsay, President of Mather Economics to discuss the power of customer data and his outlook on the subscription revenue model. Let’s take a look.

An Interview with leading subscription management and data analytics firm Mather Economics

Thank you, Matt, for joining us today. Can you give us a brief overview of Mather Economics’ journey?

Sure, Mather Economics’ journey started about 19 years ago and we have now grown into a team of 50+ data scientists and economists, providing insights to our media and publishing clients worldwide as well as other industries with similar customer relationships.

The vision behind Mather Economics is to blend the best elements of data analytics with a consulting approach to help clients activate insights from their data. We are looking to help businesses explore the commercial value of these long-term relationships with their customers and transform their businesses with data.

What sets you apart from your competitors?

We see Mather Economics as a complimentary service which augments the services of other providers such as Zephr. We provide actionable insights and strategic consulting to improve our clients’ business performance.

Our focus is on analytics, strategic consultations and strategy execution. In many cases, we work with other vendors to implement our client’s strategies. We often are engaged with our clients for long periods of time during the implementation of their strategies. We take the long view with our client relationships as they do with their subscribers.

As previously stated, we operate in the media subscription space and have helped our clients leverage their customer data to serve millions of subscribers all over the world.

How do you help shape your Customers’ strategies using data?

We have seen more and more of our clients in the past year use data to shift their business towards reader revenue and become more customer-focused. This attention to data is a key feature to thrive in the subscription economy.

Historically speaking, audience data in publishing and media has generally been associated with advertising. Now, with the move to digital media, businesses have started collecting more and more data and insights on their reader’s engagement with content, unlocking the opportunity to carry out more sophisticated analysis and helping businesses stay competitive and current.

We look at our clients’ historical data to draw insights and recommendations to inform their strategy. On the other hand, when no historical data is available, we employ other techniques such as A/B testing to inform their decisions whilst we continuously optimise and refine our recommendations.

What trends have you seen in the last 12 months?

We have definitely seen audience intelligence and first-party data become more important than ever. Here at Mather Economics, we have also seen companies worldwide place enormous importance on predictive analytics and propensity modelling to shape their data-driven strategies.

We augment the internal capabilities of our clients wherever they need particular expertise or additional analytics capacity.

When and why should a business consider a best-of-breed approach when choosing a vendor?

First and foremost, I think it’s very useful in any instance to always map out a business case when choosing a new vendor. You would want to identify early on the deliverables and the improvements you would like to achieve as well as the ROI you are expecting from this project.

In my experience, operating performance makes a big difference in the ROI, and a best-of-breed approach guarantees you the flexibility and agility you need for achieving quicker time to value compared to all-in-one solutions. Being a top-10% performer in a category such as retention or new customer acquisition will result in significant growth relative to an average performer. Best-of-breed solutions can help publishers achieve these superior results.

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