New Digital Subscription Services Offering Webinar

For small to mid-sized media companies looking to supercharge their digital subscriptions.


Mather Economics has developed digital subscription services that blend strategic consulting, digital data gathering using Listener™, audience & content analytics, industry benchmarking and data visualization for an affordable fee. 


Our new service bundle includes Listener™ digital data platform, analytics services, strategic advisory services, implementation support, A/B testing, and data visualization in Tableau. Mather offers two types of Listener™ versions—Lite and Full Service. We can integrate with common technology vendors to activate your strategy with recommended actions by customer for touchpoints throughout their lifecycle.

Listener Product Tiers

What is Listener and why do you need it?

  • Listener™ is a first-party data collection tool designed to ease data gathering, integrate with your fulfillment systems, and scale implementation.
  • Achieve the level of operations used by the best-in-class businesses for a fraction of the cost.
  • Onboarding the Listener pixel takes less than one week. It has been developed in collaboration with our publishing partners for site performance and ease of use.
  • Listener has built-in integrations with popular fulfillment systems, such as Piano, Naviga, BlueConic, GAM, and most email service providers to enable coordinated tactics across customer touchpoints.
  • Existing data capture tools were not designed to analyze individual reader behaviors and limit the analytics that are possible.  Meaningful benchmarks are not included.
  • CDPs and Marketing tools do not store sufficient historical data for predictive analytics, and they do not optimize the entire subscriber lifecycle.
  • None of these tools provide the expertise and professional services to help you maximize total digital revenue RECORDING


If you have any questions regarding how these services can help you accelerate digital subscription growth, feel free to reach out to Arvid Tchivzhel, Managing Director of Digital Services or Matt Lindsay, President of Mather Economics.

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